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Genealogy of the Jeller family of Brazil

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Genealogy of the Jeller family of Brazil

Jeller's family first reference in Brazil it belonged to the Tyrolese immigrant Tobias Jeller, tiller, arrived with 24 years of age at the port of São Bento do Sul, Santa Catarina on June 5, 1863 and taken for colony in Joinville. It came with the ship Franklin, that left Hamburgo on April 5, 1863.

Tobias Jeller, was born on April 16, 1839, in the small mountainous place of Mieminge, town of Obsteig, district of Imst, area of Tirol, in Austria.

Tobias Jeller, was son of Joseph Jeller and Maria Santer.

Tobias Jeller's father, called her Joseph Jeller and he was born in the neighboring city of Tarrenz, area of Tirol, on April 5, 1800 and it died on January 23, 1885, in Obsteig. Its mother Maria Santer was born May 26, 1805, in place that we didn't still discover. They got married February 11, 1828 in the place of Flauerling.

The couple Joseph Jeller and Maria Santer had more two children, siblings of Tobias Jeller:

Maria Katharina Jeller, born later in 15 of Março of 1829, married Frans Schuchter, in the place of Pfaffenhofen and in 1872 they emigrated for Cincinati, in United States of America.

Josef Jeller, born in November 13, 1843, married, in Gschwent, Obsteig, with Josefa Schaber. They also emigrated for Cincinati, in United States of America in the year of 1872.

Joseph Jeller married in second nuptialses the widow Theresia Krug Prantner and of the union they had a daughter Maria Anna Jeller - stocking sister of Tobias Jeller.

Tobias Jeller's grandfather, father of Joseph Jeller, called himself Jakob Jeller, son of another Joseph with Anna. On February 14, 1791, Jakob Jeller got married, in Tarrenz, with Anna Wachter, born in the year of 1764, daughter of Johann Wachter and Juliana Huber. They resided at Pollinger Berg's place.

Besides Tobias Jeller, the couple Jakob and Anna Wachter had the children Anton Jeller, born in 1801 and Franz Jeller, born in 1804.


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